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General climate characteristics of Bosnia and Herzegovina are greatly influenced by characteristics of Adriatic Sea and local topography-especially the Dinarides Mountains.

Based on temperature characteristics, the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina may be divided into three temperature zones: warm, moderate, and cold:

The warm zone corresponds to the Adriatic coast and lowland Herzegovina. In lowland Herzegovina, summers are hot, and winters are very mild. Mean winter temperatures are above 5°C, whereas summer temperatures reach 40°C.

Moderate areas include plain and hilly regions in the central part of the country. Summers are warm and winters are moderately cold. Mean winter temperatures are around 0°C and summer temperatures reach 35°C.

Cold regions refer to mountainous areas where summers are fair (days moderately warm and nights chilly), while winters are very cold. During at least 3 months of the year, these regions have a mean temperature lower than 0°C.

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Official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is convertible mark (KM).

The website of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina displays exchange rates of the convertible marks to some major currencies:

BiH VAT rate is 17%.


The country code for Bosnia and Herzegovina is (+387).

The largest operator BH Telecom is the dominant provider, while Telekom Srpske operates in Republika Srpska and HT Mostar is active in Herzegovina. Together, these three incumbent operators control 99% of the market.

Bosnian and Herzegovinian SIM cards are available in the official stores of the operators (BH Telecom, m:tel, HT Eronet), and other stores, such as post offices, grocery stores, newsstands, gas stations, and convenience stores.


The voltage in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 220V. Power sockets are of type F as in most European countries. The sockets are round with two round parallel receptacles whereas plugs have two round parallel prongs.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the Central European Time Zone (GMT+1).


Tourist Information Centers can be found in most city centers and tourist spots. Travelers can ask for local maps, various travel information, transportation details etc.


There are three official languages spoken in Bosnia-Herzegovina due to its mixed population – Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. In addition, there are two official scripts: Cyrillic and Latin.

However, local people have relatively high English standard. Most of the information and websites useful for tourists are provided also in English.



Police: 122

Fire Brigade:123

Sarajevo Airport:

+387 33 289-100

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